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All the addiction of an MMO, without the cost

When my sister came home, say, a year ago, with a PlayStation 2, a copy of DDR with pad, and a copy of Guitar Hero with guitar, I was taken aback. She’d just been paid, so she spent the money in style. But still, that’s a lot of gaming right there.

As is the default reaction of the human brain to something as incomprehensible as a game about playing a guitar, I initially derided Guitar Hero. But, as is the order of all things, I eventually couldn’t take it any more. If Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade thought it was an excellent game, and I kept hearing people talk about it, there had to be something to it, right? Yeah, tell that to EverQuest. Moving on…

So late one night — think 1 am, here — I sat down with the 2/3 scale Gibson SG guitar controller and started playing. And, of course, it was amazing. Instead of sitting here and trying to put it in to words, I’ll just leave it to the individual to imagine. It’s unlike any other game because, well, it is. So anyways, I started to play more and more and got better and better. Having only one controller, Ruth and I would have to trade off songs when we both wanted to play, which wouldn’t work too bad, but was boring.

So to solve that, as well as double the Rock Quotient of our household, I resolved to lay my mitts on a copy of Guiter Hero 2, the sequel to the first which had come out by that time. After a little while and some conniving, I struck a deal with my sister. We went in for half of a game-and-guitar bundle and were giving each other half of it for Christmas. The bundle even came with a “gig bag” which was one of these soft cases for guitars that you get with some real guitars, except it was just the right size for 2 GH controllers.

Not much to say about that one. Initially, I thought it sucked because the songs weren’t as good as the first one. Over time, this bruise has faded, although I still care deeply for and maintain a long distance relationship with songs from the original like Killer Queen and I Wanna Be Sedated. But the second one boasts more songs, and improved gameplay at the expert levels where I pitch my tent. Plus the multi-player modes are much more newbie-friendly.

This is key, because the entire way that the Guitar Heroes have been successful is that people buy it, take it over to a friend’s house, let others play it, and then the others are so floored that they go out and buy it themselves. If you’d like to personally witness this, give me a call and I’ll have you over. I just hope you have spare cash or can afford to go insane until you lay your hands on a copy.

Plus, they just released a version of the second game for the Xbox 360 — it had previously only been on the PlayStation 2. I actually know a fellow from school who, after playing my copy of GHII at a party resolved to buy the Xbox 360 version when it was released, as he lacked a PS2 and would therefore have to wait. He left for Japan last Saturday. The Xbox 360 version came out last Tuesday. I do not envy him the pain he must be enduring.

Hmm, that’s enough content to get started. The sun should be coming up soon. Tomorrow I should start getting hits and people will believe that they’re amused. This is the first step.

Sleep gooood.

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