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Yeah, well I heard…

I am an ardent reader of Ars Technica now, because many months ago I realized that having someone paid to find interesting news for me was an excellent system.

But this story actually starts a while ago. I’m not sure exactly when, but I can safely say it was at least two years ago. Maybe three. Anywho, I started off getting my geek news from Slashdot (pronounced ‘/.’). But I came to find (read: was told and found to be true) that there was some significant bias to Slashdot, in the Linux/anti-microsoft/snobb direction. Read it, you’ll see. And so the old Slashdot just wouldn’t do.

Conveniently enough, around this same time, Kevin Rose was crusading for freedom and equality with this little idea of his called Digg. The idea was, instead of moderation, let anyone submit any story and let each user get one thumbs-up per submission. If an article got enough thumbs-up, it gets bumped to the front page. In essence, total democracy. Except it might be better categorized as anarchy. I liked the sort of news there better than Slashdot, so I hung around. Eventually more people came around and the site began to really take off.

With that came a huge volume of submitted items and a huge front page turnover. Dozens of articles would get pushed off by newer ones each day. Even despite a categorization process to make it easier to filter out the news you weren’t interested in, I found myself somewhat disappointed. Mainly because the news just sucked. There wasn’t really that much that was interesting, and the posts that were turned out to usually be links to other news sites.

I’m not sure exactly how I got set on Ars Technica, although I heavily suspect it was by reading a post there through some Digg link. I found their old slogan (“Serving the geek community for 6×10^-2 centuries.”) so terribly clever that it stuck with me, and when I went rummaging around for a new news site, I came up there and was instantly at home. I think it’s because they’re competent writers that generate their own content about stuff that’s relevant and interesting.

So what’s the moral of the story? You’ll always be happier when you hang out with people who think like you and either heap scorn upon or feign ignorance of the existence of those who think otherwise.

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