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Sometimes I just feel so old

Every day, after school, I go over to Raleigh Little Theatre to help out, and do any number of things spanning the spectrum from building to sewing. Really. Anyways, today, I was helping Roger, RLT’s Technical Director, to install a CCD surveilance camera pointed at the stage hooked up to a TV in the lobby, to show what’s currently going on onstage. So while we’re in the lobby looking at this picture and debating options about how to focus it and such, two other folks come in, looking to use the lobby to hold an improv class. As it ended up, Roger and I got roped into playing the opening “improv” game, which consisted of attempting to keep a kid’s ball in the air for as long as possible by bouncing it from one person to another, each person only hitting it once.

Originally, when entreated to join in while I was fiddling with the TV, I laconically responded, “I never have fun,” as a way to avoid playing. The obvious response was made (“All you have to do is play. You don’t have to have fun.”) and I realized that, for some reason, I believed what I said. I honestly was reluctant to play. But, of course, once we started and that ball got going around, I was having a blast. I actually found my body remembering old 8th grade dodgeball moves, ike how to dive and catch a ball while going into a roll so you don’t get hurt at all. (Contrary to just about any other opinion I’ve ever heard on the topic, I enjoyed middle school dodgeball, but that’s probably because we were using foam balls and not kick balls.) It was amazing to me that I didn’t want to do this for some reason.

In the end, I had to leave to get home around the time they chose to stop, but it was amazing. I skinned my knees for the first time in … years? And I can’t help but be reminded of one of the final lines from Star Trek: Insurrection when Artim, a twelve year old boy, reminds Data, a forty-five year old android, that he must have some fun each and every day.

Good advice.

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  1. Grandma
    April 18, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    Glad you had some fun, and reading your post was fun for me!

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