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Today is just like any other day

Disclaimer: This post in no way endorses or supports the idea of Greeting Card Holidays or Mothers Day. It’s just a coincidence.

Obviously, my mother is a a major driving force in my life. While much of my critical analysis and login have been learned from my father, my mother has taught me a number of equally useful life skills, like how to understand what people aren’t saying and self-sacrifice.

Self-sacrifice, for example, is a concept that is somewhat fundamentally unfamiliar to me. In my core I am tempted to only do things that will directly benefit me. But with a healthy dose of circumspection, I’ve learned to see that a lot of things, that may not directly benefit me or others, do in either long-term or untangible ways. Take, for example, any given day in middle school, when I missed the bus to school. Even though it was in the opposite direction from work, my mother would unhesitatingly grab her keys and head out the door with me in tow. It didn’t make her day any easier, but the fact that she made my life that much easier was the indirect reward she recieves.

The other, and perhaps more fascinating example, is learning to hear what isn’t said. My mother, in her speech habits, often reveals quite a lot by trailing off in the middle of a sentence or saying something in a certain way. At times, some have taken issue with this by repeating any trailed off sentence back with a questioning tone, with the implication that it should be completed. I’ve even done this in some of my less hospitable moments. But when I stop to think, there’s usually a reason behind all this. One of them is even extremely efficient: don’t finish a sentence without a statement to make. It can often be useful to end something ambiguously, especially if you’re not sure how it should end, but you . . . uh . . . yeah.

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