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Heroes Season 1 is over

Don’t worry about spoilers on this one folks. No secrets here.

So the season finale to the best show on television aired this past Monday, and it was then that I realized that it was indeed the best. In my mind, it had been contested in this chiefly by Battlestar Galactica, although Jericho was a narrow second; this isn’t a problem since Jericho is regrettably now cancelled. And BSG has been knocked off the list for one reason, plain and simple: ten month hiatus. I’m not sure exactly why, but for some reason or another new episodes ended around the end of February 2007 with a message that BSG would return in 2008.

Sure, the show is really impressive, especially visually, but ten months? That’s just too much for me. Heroes, on the other hand, which just finished its first season, is planning to do 24 regular season episodes next season, and six “spinoff” episodes. Each of the spinoff episodes will feature a new hero, and the one voted highest will be brought in on the show itself. It’s going to be the same level of production, just a sort of second unit deal, because they don’t want to leave people hanging over the hiatus for too long.

The characters are just amazing as well. I’d kind of felt the last few episodes dragging down, with the original villain becoming your favorite good guy, and someone you thought was good really seeming very, very evil. But in the last two acts of the season finale, everything fell into place. It was amazing.

Probably one of the coolest moments is one in the final act, where there is text on screen saying that this is the end of Volume 1 (Season 1), and then immdiately cuts to Volume 2 and leaves the cliffhanger of the finale a few minutes in to there. They’re saying, “Yeah, we’re starting a different story. But it’s all the same. Stay tuned.”

I can safely say I will be.

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