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Good Point: 31 May 2007

I was going to start this out with some blather about the Wikipedia article on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, and how it links to a Usenet post and stuff, but my father beat me to the punch by two months. Dang.  Well, whatever.

Hmm… what else… Oh, yeah, in case you didn’t notice the link in the sidebar, Rachel Lucas has come back to blogging, to little fanfare and minor note.  Reading her posts, I realized that she contains a bit of the irreverence that I’ve attempted to encapsulate in my bloggery. Unsuprising, given that I essentially grew up on her blog, Kim du Toit’s, and Steven den Beste’s.

This just in from the magical land of Japan: a guitar simulator for your (or, more accurately, my) Nintendo DS. This is no mere game, a la Guitar Hero. This is a simulator. All that Amazon has on it is a name and release date, but it’s already on the top of my wish list. In the words of the SRHS class of double-oh-seven motto, “ballin!”

Tuesday was my last physical day in school, graduation is Friday. Time to get a serious job at SAS, or fall back on somewhere else if they don’t seem interested. Maybe I’ll work with my good friend over at Target. She keeps telling me it’s nice. Always seems a pleasant enough shop, although the time I spend there per month is roughly equatable to, let’s say, the time I spend listening chainsaw rock.

23 and 24 July are Orientation. Classes start 22 August. It’s coming.

Oh yeah, and Fred Thompson is running. Oooh-rah.

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  1. June 1, 2007 at 2:55 am

    The Usenet post you refer to was written (by me) in 1996. So doesn’t that mean I beat you to the punch by eleven years?

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