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Good Point: 14 June 2007

Interesting tidbit from Ars: familiarity gets confused with superiority when comparing … well … stuff. Like interfaces. As AT aptly states: “Overall, the results suggest that all the years of arguments over the relative merits of things like the Mac and Windows user interfaces were a waste of time: we’re generally convinced that whatever we’re familiar with is the best.” An interesting read, and a weirding sensation when you read about this stuff and then think, “Yeah, I’ve done that and not even realized it before.” Interesting read.

Also, apparantly, Hawaiians really love their SPAM, so both Burger King and McDonalds have put it on their menus in Hawaii. This, of course, begs the question of why they haven’t responded to other regional cuisines by adding them to the menu. Then again, I don’t think I’d really want a barbecue sandwich from BK, because they’d just mess it up. BBQ’s what we keep Smithfield’s around for.

Also, id’s making sure we know they’re still alive and kicking. With a preview at the Worldwide Developers Conference, they demonstrated the newest graphics engine that they’re working on. I’m naturally curious to see the new game they’re working on, but I’ll take what I can get. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not really much id can do to make me dislike them at this point. I even liked Doom 3, although it was largely panned, because it wasn’t anything revolutionary. It was just straight-forward shoot-em-up in darkly-lit places fun. Plus they’ve pretty much completed their apotheosis after giving us the first-person shooter as we know it, so you can keep your Halo 3s and Gears of War.

In closing, with college looming, I was kind of wondering what it was all for. Then I was reminded.

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