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Fourth Edition Round-Up, Part II

Part 2 of 2. Part 1 here.

  • Stats generation will be much the same as before. Point buy and die-rolls will both be supported. Also, the stat chart and associated modifiers (i.e. an 18 is a +4) will be very similar.
  • Hitpoints will be more “reliable”. (Wes suggests this may mean that hit point generation will work more like in Iron Heroes where every class rolls a d4 for hitpoints, but has a different modifier. Beefy classes get 1d4+6, while sneaky-types get 1d4+2.) Also, first level characters should be a little more durable.
  • Races will give abilities and advantages at levels other than first. There will also be racial feats that enhance your racial traits, as well as race-specific powers built-in to your class.
  • More on item creation: the whole system should be streamlined and made more useful. As it stands now, PCs crafting just about anything via a Profession skill takes weeks of game time, which either has to be kludged into the plot or just ignored. Either way, Wizards wants to eliminate that.
  • More on monsters: monsters are monsters (not possible PC races), and monster abilities are monster abilities (not monstrous feats). Monsters will have a clearer “role” on the battlefield. And, as stated before, there should be more of them on the field at any time.
  • All books will come with a code to unlock a digital version of the book which will be errata’ed free of charge. (I’ve read elsewhere that gaining access to the digital version, even with the print version in front of you, will require a “nominal” fee.)
  • In April 2008, a month before the PHB release, there will be a module (“The Keep of Shadowfell”) released with pre-generated characters in Fourth that will allow for a taste of the game.
  • The PHB will include “magical items.” It’s unclear to me whether this means the sort of magical enchantment that you could get on top of a standard item, which as always been in the PHB, or the wondrous items (Bag of Tricks, anyone?) characteristic of the DMG.

That’s about it. With Gen Con over, and Wes, my insider, returned to his home, I now will likely hear the same things you folks do. But if any of my readers do find any juicy information, be sure to forward it to me.

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  1. August 22, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    I recommend monitoring the following two sites:


    Other than the Wizards of the Coast site, those are the best sources of information about 4E that I know of.

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