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These times, they’re a-changing

Going into this whole college thing, I had two real fears.

The first was that my first semester, I’m starting in Calculus III. I apparently know enough — or knew enough at the time of the AP test — to place into the class. That’s kinda scary, because I’m one of a handful of freshmen in that class. Also, Calculus I and II in high school were no cake walk.

But I’m coming to finally understand what everyone was grumbling last semester: my teacher really was just plain bad. But this teacher at State, a grad student going for his math doctorate, really seems to know what he’s doing. Heck, he’s not even going to actively use the abysmal textbook. (It’s the same text I used in my first two semesters of Calc.)

Also, I’m actually studying. This is sort of new to me, because I’ve mostly just skated through public school to this point, underachieving my way into a decent GPA and SAT score, which landed me here. So the idea of sitting down and working through all the problems assigned is a little novel to me, although not entirely, because I did do a bit of this to save my bacon towards the end of Calculus II.

On a side note, I’m incredibly glad that I’m in a section with a teacher who offers suggested homework problems and doesn’t require anything on daily basis: I’m already hearing WebAssign horror stories of nightly assignments.

My other fear was that I would have to give up my old companion: World of Warcraft. I cloaked this in discussions of worrying about having a too-heavy workload, and not enough free time. But in the end, this was all because, in my heart, I knew that I was spending as much time on WoW as I would on a part-time job. (Well, it sort of is a part time job, Mentor Media and all.)

But now that I’m here, and I have the choice between doing stuff like studying and playing WoW … okay, bad example. When I have the choice between doing stuff like playing Guitar Hero with my friends and playing WoW, it’s not even a contest. I still view the game in a favorable light, but with the presence of real alternatives for things to do — as opposed to not much better way to spend most nights — WoW is definitely falling behind.

In all fairness, in previous times, I got a good deal of enjoyment out of it because of the co-participation of a handful of my friends in real life. But they’ve slowly moved on, or lost interest, removing a portion of my motivation. And with that gone, I find myself finding time for doing stuff like blogging and studying.

It’s funny how these things that I dreaded, when viewed through the proper lens actually become rather positive.

What is this “proper lens,” though? Well, it’s a key facet of my personality: personal choice. I was afraid that I would be forced to do things I didn’t want to get by in college. But instead, all I have to do is choose which I would rather do. And that’s something that I like.

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  1. August 27, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    You’ve discovered one of the less obvious aspects of the college experience: a lot of the learning that you do takes place outside of the classroom.

  2. Grandma
    August 27, 2007 at 10:14 pm

    Thanks–it’s fun for us to read your obsevations. Your calculus teacher sounds like a perfect fit for your learning style. And I’m sure he is happy to have some freshmen who can handle the coursework.

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