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Good Point: 30 August 2007

Leninade: “Get hammered and sickled!” (I originally thought this was a photoshop prank, buy boy was I wrong.)

“I try to avoid newspapers, actually. Even if they are free, I still don’t want one because it’s somewhat depressing to read world news, and I don’t want that to make me have a bad day. If it’s really important, it’ll get on [The Daily Show.]” Wow.

Also, Amazon.com recently interviewed Joss Whedon as a tie-in to the release of the new Serenity collector’s edition. Normally, I would just link to it, but given that listening to it is no great pleasure, I’ll save you the trouble. (The interviewer has a deadpan voice with no apparant transition from one question to another, and it sounds like Joss is on a landline phone.)

He thinks Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV “by a country mile.” When pressed, he admits that this may in part be a tight integration with strong female characters, but that’s not the only reason. Also, the collector’s edition of Serenity is very good, and very worth it, and he is hoping that it might eventually give the studios the idea that producing more Firefly could be financially beneficial for them. Until then, there is a new three-issue comic book series coming out soon, similar to Those Left Behind.

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