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May the “Keytar” puns begin

It’s just come down the pipe that Asypr Media (don’t worry, I’ve never heard of ’em either) is going to be porting Guitar Hero III to the PC and Mac. Initially, this makes me excited: more platforms means more options. Well, kinda.

The problem is that, while my 19″ monitor running at 1280×1024 may be impressive running, say, Bioshock, the GH experience really requires something quite different. Nobody really wants to crowd around  a computer monitor to watch a guy jam out. We can tel this because there have been free (as in beer) recreations of GH for computers such Frets on Fire, which have been moderately successful at best. To be fair, some of this can be attributed to a lack of total emulation. But because of it’s computer-based nature, anyone can easily create songs for FoF and distribute them, with standard copyright rules applying.

But back to GHIII. I already plan to, and am budgeting for, buying an XBox 360, as well as GHIII and Rock Band. So naturally, the idea of not having to buy a 360 to get GHIII is an intriguing one. But to me, one of little merit.  Even in my spartan dorm room, there is a TV bigger than my monitor, which serves the purpose of Guitar Hero display admirably. And even if that changes in the future, I can just plug the 360 into my computer monitor.

Plus, the raw GPU power of most gaming machines is overkill for the relatively simplistic graphics of a given rhythm game.

I’m sure someone will be glad that they’re doing this, because it will be the only way the will have to keep the dream of rock alive. All I’m saying is, I’m not impressed.

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