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Can’t Stop the Signal

Eons ago, in times only darkly remembered by the Old Ones, I played World of Warcraft on a server by the name of Kel’Thuzad with some fine folks that an associate of mine had come into contact with during the WoW beta. I was invited to join their guild, and began to rapidly ingratiate myself and do my best to be generally well-liked. Well, who knows how well that worked out, but what I did end up with was a few friendships that’ve lasted a good bit longer than I’d expected.

One among these is with a fellow who played WoW by the name of Ront, but goes by Wes in the light of day. You’ve heard of this guy before, and also here, but you can also hear from him at his own little corner of the ‘net.

He also invited me to contribute to his new site, and I’ve started doing just that. I don’t really have any idea of which parts of my writing will go on which site, but I’m sure I’ll find out if I wait long enough. At any rate, if you want to read more from me, head on over there and check out my inaugural post.

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