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A little disjointed because I’m writing during class

Obviously, I haven’t been posting much for the last week and a half. I’m not going to apologize, because the circumstances that brought it about are very much to my liking. Essentially, it is a confluence of some great games and a great job that has been taking up my out-of-class time.

I’m not going to go into much more detail on the latter charge, mostly as a matter of covering my ass. The various warnings from all sides to blog anonymously do go a good way toward encouraging this, of course. Especially observant readers will notice I’ve been rather recalcitrant with my real name, more out of paranoia that genuine concern for my future. I figure it can’t hurt.

To truly keep my job/career out of danger, I’m mostly trying to just avoid the overall topic in this space. It’s not hard to do, since I try to keep this content contemplative and reflective, and my job, for all of its positives, probably wouldn’t make for very interesting reading.

On a bit of a poorly-segued non-sequitur, something that I have found to be interesting reading are John Carmack‘s comments on Slashdot. By way of background on John Carmack, this man is essentially my hero. He single-handedly changed the video games industry by devising the technology to create pivotal games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. He’s still at it, having just shipped Quake 4 a year or so ago, and in the meantime spends much of his fantastic fortune souping up Ferraris and trying to put rockets into space.

One comment of his that especially piqued my interest is on that essentially says that the best way to get a job in the games industry may not be to go to a game design school and get a Bachelor’s in games. The game school might help you get the contacts to get immediately into the games industry, but a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree will serve you much better over your entire career.

This is something of a vindication for me, because that is essentially the argument I used to dissuade myself from attempting to pursue one of the games degrees available. I’m currently pursuing my BS in Computer Science, if only because it will be a degree that my current employer will want once I graduate. See, that’s the funny thing about my current job: it’s not game programming, or anything of the like, but I love it. I wouldn’t mind working for this company until I retire.

And on a bit of a less serious note, Carmack also gets some street cred by directly responding to a news article reported on Slashdot criticizing the fact that his company’s newest game, Rage, may not have a version for Linux. Turns out some of the anti-Linux paranoia is occasionally fabricated.

Update: Ars Technica also has some encouraging news for Computer Science majors.

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