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Good Point: 8 November 2007

If you hadn’t heard, the writer’s strike is going down. Given that I do most of my television viewing online already, I’m definitely in favor of the cause, and will basing my decision to purchase DVD box sets on the outcome of the negotiations. I’m also pretty pre-disposed to be sympathetic to the writers because JMS is stumping pretty hard in favor of him and his fellow writers getting more than nothing from some of this digital distribution.It’s also entirely appropriate that they’re getting the message about this problem of internet video out in the best way possible.

That kind of sucks because Heroes got really good this week. But now they’re preparing to bifurcate the season for lack of scripts, not to mention the wholesale cancellation of the planned Heroes spin-off miniseries.

It’ll also be pushing Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse back by more or less as long as the strike lasts.

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