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The story of my life (in media)

Well, first there’s this. And, I guess this.

Also, there’s nothing quite like having the rare opportunity to explain the raw elegance and beauty of using switch/case statements in programming to a close friend turned computer science major. It’s so magically and technologically primal that it seems like it can only be expressed in psuedocode.

Also, I am confused by my reaction this band. Wholly divergent from my seeming slide towards hard rock and metal, with a fresh breath of Barenaked Ladies meets Robert Berry, I find my reaction perplexing. I didn’t want to like it, because it doesn’t have three guitarists, however I’ve had their five songs on repeat for some two or three hours and I’ve yet to be wearied by them.

Finally, I must link to this news article so that I can have this blockquote which, well, you’ll see:

“We’ve heard some very hilarious stories where people just blindly follow the sat nav instructions,” said Vince Yearley, a spokesman for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, using British shorthand for “satellite navigation.” “Like if the sat nav says, ‘Drive into this muddy field,’ they think, ‘That’s weird,’ but they do it anyway.”

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