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Futility Forever: 09 Feb 2008 Nightly

The first functioning alpha of Futility Forever, the world’s oldest piece of vaporware, is up on the downloads page.

But before I give the link: instructions. I’m still streamlining the compilation to an executable, and currently it’s a little messy. The download is a .zip, which contains a ton of files, among them “main.exe”. That’s the one you want. Unzip the whole thing, preserving directory structure, and run the main.

It’s got no sound, no edge detection, and no dodging. But it works.

Linky link.

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  1. bxojr
    February 26, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    I should have replied to this long ago, but I just finished my first game. (Well, OK, I gave up.)

    Looks like an excellent start. The game mechanics are only partially there, of course, but what is there is definitely on the right track. The experience was sufficient to give me the faintest twinge of nostalgia.

    The only major deviation I spotted is that the alien should be in the center of the screen, not the top. Of course, the graphics are a little too good, but you can’t help that.

    I still need to dig around and see if I still have a copy of the Sol-20 font I tried to create. I never did get it to work quite right, and I’m afraid I may have concluded it was worthless and deleted it. But I’ll check some backups.

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