Holy crap, it’s cold outside. The wind is also helping none.

Today’s selection concerns one of my father’s greatest heroes, Norman Borlaug:

The large role he has played in both increasing crop yields and promoting this view has led to this methodology being called by agricultural economists the “Borlaug hypothesis”, namely that increasing the productivity of agriculture on the best farmland can help control deforestation by reducing the demand for new farmland. According to this view, assuming that global food demand is on the rise, restricting crop usage to traditional low-yield methods such as organic farming would also require at least one of the following: the world population to decrease, either voluntarily or as a result of mass starvations; or the conversion of forest land into crop land.

He’s the only guy I’ve ever heard of to be credited with saving a billion lives. And make sure to read his response to his critics.

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  1. Grqndma
    March 5, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    I was wondering who in the world Zeno was, and then I read in the teaser the name of Norman Borlaug and the mention that he was one of your father’s greatest heroes, and then I knew!

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