Some of these weekends feel like such a Long Time. (Okay, that was a real stretch. Sorry.)

Following on from last Monday’s entry about how to become a hacker, we have an FAQ for hackers about how to deal with managers and corporate culture:

5.3: My manager has no sense of humor.
Your manager probably doesn’t have the same appreciation for meta-humor, recursion, and obscure technical puns that you do. Try not to depend on jokes that require an engineering background (or at least an engineer’s attitude) as a means of communication or bonding with people who aren’t, in the end, here to be engineers.
5.4: My manager counts from one.
Ordinals (counting numbers) have always started from one; counting from zero, while obvious and natural to many programmers, is probably wrong from a linguistic standpoint. Try to be flexible.

There’s also a converse version for managers to deal with hackers.

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