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Give a Little Love, Part 2

Picking up where we left off, we have one final album purchase to explain: Dragonforce’s Sonic Firestorm.

This is a band that I became familiar with through rather unusual means. These days, the site ytmnd.com is a vulgar land of little civility, but in times past, it was a place of great humor. Essentially, it allowed you to create a page with a tiled background image, some large Word Art-style text with a looping sound clip. For example, the genesis of the website was an image and sound byte from Finding Forrester, which depicted and played the sound of Sean Connery’s character proclaiming to another character, “You’re the man now, dog!” (That’s also where the acronym ytmnd came from.) It might not sound like much, but the simple elements could be combined adeptly and to great effect.

At any rate, within this community, memes started to form. Probably the best example is the PTKFGS meme, which comes from another Sean Connery exclamation in Finding Forrester where he tells the same character to “Punch the keys for God’s sake!” This was a delicious bit of meta-humor, because the PTKFGS world was the Bizarro World of YTMND where everything was turned on its head.

So anyways, many of these memes were based around a common theme, which is to say that they used the same sound clip, usually a song. Some clever fellow in the YTMND community decided it would be interesting to collect these popular songs into a YTMND soundtrack. It was a sort of eclectic mix tape of extremely catchy songs (used because catch tunes kept eyes on your page) and distributed for free.

A number of the songs I heard there are fondly remembered, but only one is relevant to the discussion: Dragonforce’s “Fury of the Storm” from their studio album — you guessed it — Sonic Firestorm. I was sold on the music, without having to pay for the sample.

Now, this is really nothing new, what with the whole radio thing. But, of course, there was a time when Big Content wasn’t too happy with radios “giving away” music. There’s also certainly something to be said for the fact that I’m looking at picking up some Boston albums, what with hearing them all over the airwaves, again for no cost to me.

But I feel there’s an important distinction to be made here, to prevent the sweeping generalization that the radio should be good enough: Dragonforce will never appear on the airwaves, except perhaps during the local college radio station’s chainsaw rock-block — and even then only as a “softer” reprieve.

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