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Phoning it in 2: Special Edition

Still snowed under, so here’s today’s Hober: Raph Koster and the future of gaming.

Also, something that’s been on my mind. I can’t think of any good way to turn it in to blog post, since to do it justice would need real psychology. But, here it is: experts rush in to criticize addiction to massively multiplayer online games, which almost by definition require social interaction, bonding, and community interaction. What if instead, it’s the 21st Century’s version of the concept of the Third Place, which is roundly agreed to be, in fact, beneficial?

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  1. Bob
    April 23, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    I think your question about MMOGs is an interesting one, and I would even broaden it a bit: people tend to lump TV and video games together as being “bad for kids,” or at best something that kids should spend limited time on.

    I don’t necessarily grant that TV is bad, but one of the arguments is that it’s so passive an activity. Wouldn’t video games, therefore, be better than TV, since they are by definition interactive? Nintendo’s “Brain Age” game is based on the whole idea that playing computer games is good for your brain…

    As far as I know, no one has ever shown any empirical data that shows definitively that video games are harmful. But has anyone ever done a study to find out whether they might actually be beneficial?

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