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Warning: Distortion Ahead

Last night, I was fiddling with my guitar as I often do, trying to come up with a good post topic. And then I started just jamming better than I have in a while. Five minutes later, I had my Rock Band microphone feeding sound into Audacity, and I’m recording again.

First, let’s start with the, erm, covers. If you like, try and place each riff. Answers in the comments. I’m pretty sure there’s no prize but bragging rights.




4. (Just the intro here)



7. (Also only the intro)


And then the arbitrarily-name original bits:

9. Captain

10. Delilah

11. Doom Fortress

12. Governor

13. Grass

14. Rearview

15. Rocksteady

16. Strengthium

17. Tightly

18. Trixy

Maybe I’ll actually make a whole song one of these days. Hmm.

Just listening through them just now, I think Tightly is my favorite of the bunch, although I’ve been working on Rocksteady for a while now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, the local Anime con is calling. But I might end up liveblogging my first time playing 4th Edition on Sunday. We’ll see.

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