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People more interesting than me

My writing efforts are, err, elsewhere at the moment. However, I’ll point you to Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror Blog, which is sort of like what I wish my blog were.

And thumbing through his recent posts, I find two that are particularly good. One is “Crash Responsibly“, all about failing gracefully when your code runs into the inevitable bug:

Which one accurately depicts the way your software treats the user in the event of an emergency?

Another is “Is HTML a Humane Markup Language” which discusses the various difficult ways in which to mark up text quickly and easily.

None of these lightweight markup languages are particularly difficult to understand — and they’re easy on the eyes, as promised. But I still had to look up the reference syntax for each one and map it to the HTML that I already know by heart. I also found them disturbingly close to “magic” for some of the formatting rules, to the point that I wished I could just write literal HTML and get exactly what I want without guessing how the parser is going to interpret my fake-plain-text.

Which leads directly to this question: why not just stick with what we already know and use HTML? This c2 wiki page titled Why Doesn’t Wiki Do HTML? makes the case that — at least for Wiki content — you’re better off leaving HTML behind.

Myself, I think the quickest and easiest might be the classic Usenet markup of expressing *bold* and _italics_ (or /italics/). One character brackets; what could be simpler? At least have the parser understand such things and translate into this lightweight markup?

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