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People, uh, older than me

Over at Gamers with Jobs, Elysium takes on workplace freedom and responsibility, vis a vis video games:

You might imagine that during my time as a manager of a video game retailer I was, if not encouraged to play games on the job, at least free to take the occasional liberty with the Xbox 360 machine on down times. After all, these are the products I was expected to market and support, so being seen enjoying the stock from my shelves, the bounty of my reasonably priced harvest, the fruit of my retail loins might be seen by potential customers as a positive endorsement. Besides, how shocked can you be to walk into a video game store and discover that the guy behind the counter actually plays video games. And yet, not only was this practice sharply frowned upon, but was a fast-track toward dismissal.

The crime of playing games on the job was so severe that we were frequently brow-beaten with strongly worded directives reminding us that any employee found playing on the demo machines, or worse a portable game machine they had brought in on their own, was at minimum subject to a “write-up”. Apparently the job of convincing absentee parents and feckless malcontents to buy video games is such a serious proposition that to lose one’s focus, even during breaks, is anathema for the retailer. I must imagine that the management geniuses in their retail ivory tower handing down edicts to the lowly fiefdom slogging in the muck and mire of actual work below, imagined that giving the appearance of being a gamer, despite working at a gaming store, must somehow sully the highly professional atmosphere they had cultivated with big Mario standees and a poorly groomed workforce. Like virtually everywhere else at the time, gaming at work was strictly forbidden.

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