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What kind of idiot … ?

Reading through my own archives recently (to figure out what the heck I ever managed to write about), I came across this post of clips of guitar that I am reluctant to even link to, because of the transparent crudeness I see in it. Yeah, it’s that bad.

The funny thing is that this is actually the third time that I’ve made that mistake. The first two times, with “Otherside” and “Pointless” are well-documented in my anniversary guitar post, where I even chided myself for such activities. And then a few days later, I do it again. Hopefully, I”ll learn my lesson this time.

I will, however, let the previous post stand, because it’s and interesting record of the raw enthusiasm that my guitar can engender in me. In short, that post is a symbol of why I play.

But also because I realize that the main audience of my blog, GNO, is wholly composed of my elders, who I’m sure are unsurprised at a little immature zeal on my part.

It was actually just such an argument that gave rise to my second-most rousing D&D character yet. Gryffin, the Elven Monk in this 3rd Edition game that is scheduled to conclude this Thursday. He has become a sort of caricature of youth and impulsiveness, to the point of jokingly being said to need constant supervision.

But when I created the character, years ago, I knew that I was a relative neophyte compared to the other veteran players in the group. Since I assumed that my playing would seem childish and unprofessional at times, I decided to make that the character.

Doing debatably unwise things wouldn’t be detrimental, it would be roleplaying! Of course, Gryffin would always tell you that his decisions usually seem to be the strategically optimal maneuver at any given time.

Unfortunately, in time, this backfired when a fellow gamer came under the impression that this was my personality. It wasn’t until I began to DM for them that they realized that it was, in fact, Gryffin who is the really goofy guy. I just pretend to be one every once in a while.

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  1. Hazel
    August 4, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    None of it is really that bad; it all just needs a little smoothness. For the apparent length of time and lack of a “real” teacher there is obvious improvement in the clips. I do have a comment on the “anniversary guitar post” that bothered me at the time, though I felt odd commenting on three posts in a row. In your rendition of “Sweet Child o’ Mine”, I believe the 2nd and 3rd measures should be switched so the 1st and 2nd and the 3rd and 4th match, respectively. Just saying…

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