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Zooming In

I finally got around to watching the Gubernatorial Debate (to choose the next Goober) from 19 Aug 2008 between McCrory and Purdue. The station that filmed the debate has it on its website but it is utterly unwatchable there. Thankfully, YouTube to the rescue. Part 1 here, with links to the rest of the parts.

I would recommend you watch it yourself (it’s a little less than an hour), and come back for my thoughts, which I’ll put below the fold. Electing a good Governor’s more important than anything I’ve got to say here.

First off, I think McCrory “won”, and he has certainly secured my vote. Maybe as a consequence, I have considerably more criticism for Purdue.

First off, there was the attitude. McCrory seemed like a businessman, Purdue like a nanny.

Liveblog-style running thoughts, starting with Part 3:

  • Purdue attempted some kind of home-run riposte on engineering analysis on the safety/impact of offshore drilling, when McCrory already said that it’s a non-issue because you do that with any project. What?
  • Purdue throws out the 86 million acres of undeveloped oil fields figure, and McCrory calls her on that not being off the coast of NC, and she just ignores him and hammers on about 68 million acres. What?
  • McCrory threw out the fact that Purdue made a statement about being unequivocally against off-shore drilling, but didn’t say where or when that was. I can believe it’s true, but I’d like to be able to verify it. (Of course, she responded to this not by saying that she never said that — a defense McCrory used at least once — but by stating her current position. I guess she hoped the idea of changing her opinion would be ignored.)
  • On the immigration question toward the end of part 3, McCrory nailed specifics about detention centers, where Purdue offered generalities about “getting undocumented works documented” which sounds rather like amnesty out of context.
  • Purdue’s statement about using the internet to increase transparency certainly sounds enticing, but stuff like general assembly sessions being live sounds less useful than straight-up transcripts.
  • McCrory hit one of the issues I’ve mentioned before: “Free Community College” isn’t free. TAANSTAFL.
  • Purdue: “The water belongs to all of us.” Eeeeeh.
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