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Re-hashing old ideas

I’m slammed with homework that has taken my writing time, so here’s a post that I wrote down a few weeks ago but is now somewhat stale.

“So, Hobs,” you say, “you finally got into those betas you were whining about so hard. Now you can stop being backwards & old and just play some video games, right?”

Not so fast.

First of all, I’m still not in any sort of beta for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR), although I’m assured by friends who are in the closed beta (because they ordered the Collector’s Edition) that the game is both “super fly” and “mad dope.” Given the inherently social way I play games, I have no choice but to join them; as such, I’ve throw my entrance fee to the World of Warhammer into the pockets of GoGamer, securing a copy of the game in the occasionally-maligned process known as pre-ordering. (Incidentally, before I took such a bold step, in an earlier draft of this post, I wrote “I don’t think that I’ve ever pre-ordered a game and WAR isn’t about to make me start.” Oh, the Hubris.)

But I’m becoming zen about the WAR beta since I’ve known for some time that I would be joining the Shorties in helping the forces of Order push back the mongrels of Destruction. It was set in stone, but I was too busy worshipping the Golden Calf of Team Fortress 2 to read the stone.

On the other hand, the Red Alert 3 demo continues to foster malcontent in me as though it were, in fact, the Soviet Agitprop that it wishes to be. Except, of course, such inflammatory materials never included hot-pants-clad snipers or under-dressed Japanese schoolgirl psychics who can kill entire armored companies with their minds. Apparently, the decision was made to take the American hero-babe Tanya from the first two Red Alert games and translate her into a variant for each army in the game. And then use these scantily clad forms on all the box art.

The rest of the post was going to talk about how I had to pay for access to this beta and the demonic relationships that foster such bargains. Especially in reference to the over-sexing of Red Alert 3, I stand by my quotation that EA’s motto seems to yet be “Ruin everything.”

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