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Ironically, this is a short post

After the IDPA matches at the local range, folks will regularly retire to a local eatery for dinner and conversation, which often turns into some interesting topics.

After December’s match, one of the Safety Officers, David, advocated for a thesis that there is an interesting trend in society towards the sound-byte, a symbol of overcompressing information in to a very concise expression of events. The analogy that was brought up was football: a single football play is like a news show sound-byte. It doesn’t tell any kind of story, and by itself is interesting and exciting, but doesn’t really inform you of how the game went.

I’m not really doing the conversation justice, but it eventually meandered over to the fact that baseball used to be America’s Pastime: a sport that takes precisely as long as it takes. No timers, shortened games, or ties. Both teams play all day, until one wins. This was put up in contrast to what seems the most popular sport these days, football. (If you don’t believe me, compare the festivities around the Super Bowl to those for the World Series.)

So where’s this all going? Well, a few days ago, my dad reported on an idiotic attempted protest on Facebook:

Administrators don’t care about what we think !
But what will happen if we all decide to stay off of facebook for 1 day !

Please invite all your friends in this group so that we could really make an happening on December 15th!

There seems to be a common thread here: trying to compress something that took as long as it took (a strike, a sit-in, other types of real protest) and compress it down in to something that’s limited in time and scope (a one-day boycott) and hoping that the magic of living in the future will make the results equivalent.

Nazzo fast, guido.

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