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Gun Stuff, Part II

Addenda to yesterday:

On it’s face, I was on board with the idea that convicted felons shouldn’t be allowed to own guns and that the permitting process (a la NC’s pistol permits, NICS checks) preventing that was admirable and the option for a felon to get a gun from a private seller with no such check bothered me.

But on reflection, it actually seems pretty silly. Primarily because if the felon is still a violent danger, why isn’t he still in prison? It’s the same sort of once-a-criminal, always-a-criminal mentality behind sex offender registries. It essentially says “these people can never be reformed or better themselves and become second-class citizens”. If they can’t be reformed, why do we send them to jail for non-life terms? What you do with incorrigible societal threats is you either kill them or put them in a cell and throw away the key. Any sentence with a possibility of parole has an underlying subtext that reform must be possible, if not the goal.

So remind me again why we’re stripping these released felons of their right to vote and their right to own a gun? I guess it’s for the same reason we have the sex offender registries: they’re easy targets to disenfranchise and there’s no convicted felon or sex offender lobby group.

Also, I ran across a comment that reminded me of something said at dinner after the IDPA match: “Reloading ammo doesn’t save you money. You just end up shooting more.” I can only hope.

Man, I’m glad my blog isn’t like Twitter or I would start getting some super-fun followers among the sex offender and felon communities.

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  1. hazelbhenley
    April 14, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    But… if they stay in jail, what will we do with all the marijuana dealers? Really, though, I don’t agree with the restrictions upon convicted felons, but there is the blockade that it’s very, very hard–if not impossible–to tell whether or not someone has reformed (many-a speech have I heard in my Psych. classes on this). Not to mention the possibility that they may reform, but end up falling back into a bad crowd after release. Perhaps, though, it should be simply a term of their parole, and not a law that continues after full release (or after a certain period of time… I don’t know how it works). I agree fully; just some information that might help in further musings.

    And yeah, I made the mistake of tweeting the word “boobs” today, which got me a follower who I’m pretty sure runs a porn site or something. Blocked him–it was creepy.

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