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What it’s like

For those of you who are more interested in how this past week’s IDPA match went (and unsatisfied with my vague answers), Eric S. Raymond wrote up his experience the first time he went to an IPSC match a decade ago.

Then it was “Fire!” and I was in motion. Left cardboard; one, two. Right cardboard; one, two. Somewhere far away there was sunlight and explosions and seconds ticking away, but I was settling into the groove; no time, no space, just the act. A split second of worry as I lined up my on the rearmost popper; the cardboard silhouettes were old friends from the range, but I’d never shot one of these steel things before. What if I missed? What if it didn’t fall over?

But my bullet flew true. Poppers clang when you hit them; the sound of somebody knocking over a row of poppers quickly can be almost musical. The sound of that first one falling was certainly music to my ears. I made quick work of its neighbors and the rest of the V-shaped back row. The four smaller poppers in the front row gave me a little more trouble; I missed twice.

Then it was over and I stood there blinking as the RO intoned “If you’re finished shooting, eject, unload and show clear.” Total objective time no more than ten or twelve seconds. Could have been a year from the inside.

Although these days they can be very different games, especially at the national level, his experience with IPSC is very reminiscent of my own, although with less mazes. We both also came in near the bottom of the scoring.

Speaking of which, I have some more graphs dolled up for last weekend’s match, I just need to post them with some comments.

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