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Two riders were approaching

So, at the end of the day, I’m not going to stop riding the bike. What happened today just reinforced the first lesson and taught me the second. Despite what happened to me, I still think riding is incredibly worthwhile and rewarding.

The second lesson, which I learned in the minutes after I flew through the air, is to pick yourself up again, fix what you broke, and never quit. These are three separate manifestations of the same drive to never quit. There are times in life when you don’t have time to shut down and go to your happy place, usually when there are other people around you, waiting for you to act. Today was one of those days. Today was also they day that I learned that you can fix more things than you expect. And finally, I found myself overwhelmed with the urge to go back to driving my car and say “screw it” to this motorcycle shit. Doing that would actually be comparably easy, but that’s not the point. To borrow a better orator’s words, we don’t do these things because they are easy, but because they are hard. If I just quit today, I wouldn’t have been made a strong person for it, I just would have wasted a lot of money to discover that I would rather live meekly.

The first lesson, which I have come to learn over these past weeks of riding my motorcycle every day, is that sometimes you will never feel fully ready to do something, and you have to do it anyway. I found this especially true the first few times I set out on my bike. At the time, there were legal time constraints for when I had to have the bike inspected and tagged, so my I didn’t have the chance to wait to go riding until I felt perfectly prepared, which is the pattern in cases like this. That first street ride in particular was filled with self-doubt and hesitation. But I was lucky enough to have something force my hand and get me started. If not for that, I might have waited days or weeks before I realized I wasn’t going to get any more ready than I already was. And if you think I’m just making excuses for reckless behavior, I mentioned this lesson to an friend of mine with a family and kids, and he reflected to me that exactly the feeling I was describing was why he and his wife waited as long as they did to have children. They were waiting to feel prepared, and at some point had to come to the realization that the time wasn’t coming. They had to act. If motorcycles can save me years of waiting to do something in my life like that, that alone makes my decision to ride a profitable one.

Aside from a few scratches and bruises and some reparable damage to my motorcycle, I’m fine. What happened today was indirectly due to the first lesson that motorcycles taught me, and caused me to learn the second.

I had what motorcyclists call a “high side”, which is a particular kind of single-vehicle event where one of the two tires loses traction and the traction-less tire moves out of the plane of moevement (and the tire with traction). When the tire regains traction, it snaps amazingly quickly back in line, which can flip off an unsuspecting rider.

So, I crashed my motorcycle today.

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